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Blackbird Studios, Nashville: Day 1

So the news is out!

This week I am visiting the home of Country Music, Nashville for the first time!

But it's not going to be all line dancing and shotting Tennessee Whiskey...

Due to very great timing and a very great guy, I am recording at the world famous Blackbird Studio. Working with the Blackbird Academy, Bryan James, Jeff Hubbard, Will Smith, Brandon Pasion and Seth Carlson we are cutting a few songs over four days inside legendary studio A of Blackbird with none other than Mr. John Mcbride engineering for it.

We started yesterday and have three songs down so far and they're are sounding grrrrreat! It may be some time yet, but I can't wait for you guys to hear it.

I'm trying keep you guys updated as much as possible so go check out my Instagram account at and Facebook Page at

I feel very excited and feel this is the start of something great so thanks if you're reading this.

All the best, from Nashville,


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