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What Happened in Nashville!

What a week!

So as many of you know, on 01/10/18 I arrived in Nashville for my very first time and I wanted to share a little bit of what me and the guys got up to.

Neil Young and Vince Gill to name a few!

So by the sheer great timing of our previously planned trip to Nashville and the great kindness of a great guy Mr Roger Gibbons, I ended up recording at, quite possibly, the best studio in the world, Blackbird.

For those who don't know, Blackbird is the brain-child of John Mcbride and is used by the stars of the music business from The White Stripes, Keith Urban, Tony Bennett Michael Buble, Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton and so many more as you can see in the picture of the guitar (notice Neil Young and Vince Gill!)

After frantically scrambling a band together, We had 4 days working with The Blackbird Academy students and teachers as well as studio owner John Mcbride (Martina's husband!), 2 days for tracking, 2 days for over dubbing!

Our Beautiful Nashville house!

Reworking a few old tracks and developing a few new ones, the first two days went so swimmingly we recorded two tracks of Brandon's (who played keys in our newly formed band) and one track of Bryan James'. My favourite part though came on the second day. Upon my first morning in Nashville, the beautiful house we were staying in in Green Hills area, inspired to get up and write a new song which we eventually ended up recording and I can't wait for you guys to hear it!

The final two days we laid down some more guitar tracks thanks to Seth Carlson as well as vocals and any other little parts we needed.

It's fair to say the whole thing took me totally by surprise but I am so so so so so excited to show you guys what came out of the studio over these four days. It may take a while to get everything together and mixed for release but I promise it is worth the wait!

This town is so special and I can't wait for my next trip already!

The beautiful studio!

Thanks for reading,


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