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Settling in Onboard Celebrity Solstice (FINALLY!)

(Apologies it's took so long to post this, I finally got a good internet connection!)

For anybody just joining this blog first of all welcome and thanks so much for keeping in touch with what’s happening! Second of all… I’M IN ALASKA!

So I’ve been aboard Celebrity Solstice for just under a month now and already had my first dose of ship cold (think man flu x10 gentlemen!!).

But this place kinda makes me forget that. It’s shaping up to even more than I expected. The hikes, the scenery and the beer what’s not to like? But for real, the beauty really is something else, maybe there’s a song in there somewhere? Like look at this….

Now cruise ship musicians mostly have a lot of spare time onboard due the fact we just play 3-4 times a day. So I’ve decided to start improving my piano skills, I’m just loving this guy Lewis Capaldi (If you haven’t listened please do it. Your life will improve instantaneously) and I it’s made me want to start writing on piano!

Anyway as I said in my last post I want to start keeping in touch a little more, but if these infrequent emails aren’t enough for you, I’m going to start doing some more little snippet videos on Instagram so head over to to see my little #cabincovers I want to do every week or so. I started with a song from the film A Star Is Born, called ‘Maybe It’s Time’ written by one of my favourite writers, Jason Isbell also there's a little Rod Stewart up! It’s a pull on the heart strings. I also post most of what I'm up to there!

Also if there’s anything you want to know about Alaska, Cruise life, my music please either comment on get in touch some how I’d love to hear what you want to know!

I hope all is well wherever you might be reading this from!

Danny x

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