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Something for Cash fans like me!

Hi guys, just a quick a quick hello, so you know I'm still alive, how're you doing? I have some REALLY EXCITING NEWS that I'm going share with you all real soon so keep an eye out in your inbox some time next week! In the meantime, I've gotta share a documentary I found for all you country music/ Johnny Cash geeks like me! I've been fascinated by Johnny Cash since I can remember, the baritone voice, the stories and the artistry. But I'm also fascinated by the man (in black) himself. This doc, 'My Darling Vivian' is the story of his first wife that hasn't been told and that's been pushed to the side which gives a whole new look on what's known as 'Country's Greatest Romance', Johnny and June Carter. Like the film Walk the Line? Then check this out and you might think twice, (i did!) Either way its a great watch and read (there's a book too!)and definitley worth renting for a few quid (or bucks for you across the pond!) check the trailer:

Anyway I thought I'd share my find and just drop in to say hi! Look out for the news next week and let me know if you watch the doc!! Dan.

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