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Release Type:



Blues Rock


Barnsley, UK

Song Length:


Unwind Cover.png


Heartbreak, Letting Go

Produced and Written by:

Danny Smart


Bakerland Studios, Leeds

Sounds like:

Led Zeppelin, Larkin Poe, The Animals

***OUT NOW***

UnwindDanny Smart
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About The Track

Unwind was born from my love of blues music and is a tip-of-the-hat to my favourite artists, Muddy Waters, Larkin Poe, Led Zeppelin etc. Mix in a tale of bad love with a straight to the point riff and it makes a power house of a blues song. I also wanted to take the 60s Hammond sound of the Animals to give it the feel of straight up, no nonsense rock and roll!


Country music may not have seemed like the most obvious career path for a young boy growing up in South Yorkshire, but for singer songwriter Danny Smart, direction came in the form of Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton tunes blasting on his parents’ car stereo. By 16, Danny was writing his own songs and starting down the road that would take him around the world, sharing stages with the likes of Old Crow Medicine Show’s Charlie Worsham and the UK’s own Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra. His original tunes bring deep respect for country music’s roots to the UK’s booming country scene, layering Cash’s rakish storytelling with a bit of Brad Paisley’s effervescent charm and a Keith Urban-esque ability to swing from summer single to heartbreaking ballad quicker than you can tip your hat. As he continues his vagabond mission to find inspiration in every corner of the globe, he hopes to share each newly discovered story with the familiar twang of the tradition he loves.


2020’s pandemic carved an unexpected pause into Danny’s passionate commitment to travel, a break he used to immerse himself in the production side of the music industry, hone his recording skills, and rediscover the joy of songwriting. He’s continued to pull from adventures collected in past years of travel to fuel his writing, and can’t wait to bring those stories back out on the road in the near future.

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